Simple app with huge impact

If two people exchange two physical commodities each of them will still possess only one. But if the two exchange two books, each will possess many new concepts and ideas.
Imagine if thousands of insightful books rich with ideas are shared among society! Each will acquire an extensive range of insights. Well, it’s not far from imagination anymore, BookThatBook makes it happen since it is a perfect method for sharing useful books among people in the same neighborhood.
We have made consistent effort to come up with this innovative solution to give a hand to students and book lovers, in a simple, easy and friendly system.

Books are the underlying reason of development

As a matter of fact, the level of development, and the durability of a civilization in any society can be determined primarily by the vital resource which is the decently mind-fed generation. Present kids are future leaders.
In hope of a better life for students, BookThatBook has been created as a perfect and easy way for students. Student buyers who are seeking specific books in various subjects will be linked with many others.

Friendly system as a solution for students’ problem

Millions of students leave behind them a stack of secondhand books and other newbie students are facing the barrier of high-priced new books. BookThatBook offers solution to both situations by linking students offering secondhand books with students seeking books related to school or many topics.
BookThatBook app can be linked with social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) to ease the communication between buyers and sellers. This will ensure that students and general users can benefit from the friendly atmosphere of their social network to discover new friends with book!
Buyers can cut the costs needed for buying high priced new books, and sellers have a significant chance to earn some cash while offering/renting books thrown on the shelves

BookThatBook gives a hand to students who cannot afford education fees

For Students who are deprived of full education there is no need to fall in despair. Through the app, graduated students can offer books they used in their schools or universities for sell/rent to newbie students at affordable prices.
Since BookThatBook connects all student with each other, it can provide those students with an opportunity to find certain books taught at the school/ university they want to enroll in.
Self-educated students who couldn’t enroll can also achieve success because they can get the academic knowledge after searching through the app and getting the books of the syllabus they need from students offering those books.

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