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What is BookThatBook app?

It’s a solution innovated for the needs of the people searching for any sort of books and for the people who desire to offer books they have for selling or renting.

How does it work?

The main function of the system is to link book sellers with buyers in a simple efficient way

For the book sellers:

You can offer the books you have through the app by posting every book and filling relevant spaces with some essential information such as its condition (new, old or semi-new) price/renting fee and your location and tags about the book. The system will automatically require you to take a photo of random pages to be attached with your offer so other users can see the quality of the book they are about to buy.
The app’s role is to link you with the buyers searching for the books you posted.
As soon as the system find buyers in need of your books, you’ll receive a list of requests from them and you can choose with whom you want to be connected.
You have the choice whether to offer books for selling or renting in case you need to use books in the future and want to yield some cash.

For the book buyers:

Search for the book you need by mentioning the information you know about the book such as (author name, title, topics, tags or ISBN).
Although you don’t need to know every detail about the book, the more details you mention, the more precise the search process will be.
Decide if the book falls under the schools syllabus so you can post it in its relevant place and mention further details you know such as the class/grade number. If the book is not a school book, begin the search in “General” part and fill related spaces.
As soon as sellers offer the books you want in the system, a list will appear containing suggested relevant results.
In case many sellers are offering the book you desired, you’ll get results from many owners instantly, however, you can choose what suits you regarding the owner’s location, price and the condition of the book.
In case you cannot afford the cost of books you want and don’t need to retain them forever, you have the choice to search needed books offered for renting at reasonable fee.

Can I use this app for buying and selling at the same time?

The app’s convenience allows each user to be a seller or buyer at the same time in one profile.
Simply you can always keep your library flexible and updated, selling what you want when you want.

As a book buyer how can I benefit from this app?

BookThatBook is a search engine for books where you will be linked with the owners of the books you are searching for.
You can save your time since the app can give you instantly a list of owners already offered the books you want in the app system.

What is the special thing about this BookThatBook?

Unlike many who sell and buy books only after getting a commission.
BookThatBook eliminates any broker or intermediary since it links directly buyers’ needs with sellers’ offers efficiently just by a few clicks.
The system provides buyers with a list of suggestions related to the books they’re looking for.
Similarly for the sellers, they receive a list of requests from buyers seeking specific books. The list appears as soon as buyers post a request for books offered by sellers.

How many books can I offer for selling/renting?

The amazing system allows users particularly bookshops owners to offer unlimited number of books so the buyers don’t need to spend long time any more searching in overloaded bookstores.

Can I edit and cancel my buying request or a selling offer?

You can edit or cancel your buying or selling post at any time as long as you haven’t made an agreement with the buyer or the seller.
The details mentioned in a selling offer or a buying request can be edited at any time as any user can make a mistake due to an oversight or in case anyone changes his/her mind for any reason.

What if I can’t find my specific book in this app?

In case some rare books cannot be found through this app, it means there is no seller who has offered this very book through the app.
Don’t feel despair, BookThatBook will do the dirty long search and will notify you with a relevant result as soon as a seller offers this book for selling/renting.

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