Millions around the world hadn’t completed their school/university education whether they couldn’t afford the fees or they didn’t like the routine lectures attendance or for other reasons.

Although there is no single way that can resolve this issue, BookThatBook is a simple tool that can give a hand for students or general learners who cannot afford the education high fees or they prefer to be self-educated.

The role of the app is to link users seeking certain books with other users who offer those needed books (new or secondhand) at a reasonable price or maybe for free. This way, students can acquire specific sort of knowledge at their convenience.

From another aspect, many jobs necessitate special kind of qualifications that can be acquired from private highly-price demanding schools/universities. Well, if the students cannot afford it or don’t have enough time to join a course, then BookThatBook provides a substantial chance for them to find the specific books they need, be eligible for the job they aspire and climb the ladder of success.

Sell used books or give them to others so they can benefit from them

After long consecutive years of learning, the majority of students leave behind them a huge pile of books which used to occupy a place, collect dust and this pile used to be thrown away later.
Many other students after consistent efforts, patience and hardworking aspire to carry on their education journey but the sad fact is that they find themselves helpless in front of the high fees of universities or schools and fall in despair.
BookThatBook has been innovated as a solution for both cases and offers tremendous mutual benefits since it links their needs in a one simple convenient app.

Mutual benefits between students

All graduated students can offer their books for selling/renting at a reasonable price and earn some cash, offering benefits for many other newbie students who are in need of these books.
For instance, students in 7th grade can offer their secondhand books for 6th grade students, at the same time 7th grade students can search through the app for books offered by 8th grade students.
Also by using BookThatBook any student has the chance of reading any book that catches his/her attention and feeds his/her mind. Simply this app provides mutual great benefits for all students through their education journey.
This way we ensure every student to reap the fruits of the long years of perseverance from the childhood to adulthood stage.

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