BookThatBook keeps searching on behalf of the user

There is a large number of people who have special passion about certain types of books but unfortunately cannot find what they want even after a long searching endeavor. BookThatBook offers the solution of searching desired books in few clicks. The app has a notification option which can send you an email whenever a new book that matches your query has entered the system.

Users have a choice to rent books they might need later

In case you search for books but don’t need to keep those books for a long time on the shelves, BookThatBook provides you with another appropriate option; you can post a renting request and the search process for rented books is exactly the same as the buying one.
All you have to do is to request books you need by filling few fields, and the app’s smart system links you with book sellers offering the rent option. You can find relevant results appear in a list, choose the suitable seller who is offering the suitable book for you regarding some aspects (such as location of the owner, price or the condition of the book).

BookThatBook is a perfect place where booklovers can meet

Unlimited general books in different topics can be circulated among bookworm users since anyone can offer books for selling and search for the favorite books at the same time.

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