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    The perfect place for book lovers
    • BookThatBook has been innovated as an ideal virtual place
      where users can search then book a favorite book and at the
      same time offer interesting books for other people.

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    A new place where books payoff
    • Through BookThatBook app, each user has a substantial chance
      to earn some cash by selling secondhand or almost new books to
      other students or general users in their neighborhood.

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    A cooperative environment among students

    BookThatBook creates a cooperative environment among student users since they are all linked
    in one place where every student can give hand to others, each user can find easily
    bargain books for the next year or semester offered by older students.

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    BookThatBook brings bookstore to your fingertips
    • No more wasting time searching for your interesting books, just search the book
      through the app and the system will link you with bookstores’ owners offering that book.

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    Replace the pile of unused books with cash

    BookThatBook is a virtual marketplace where people can offer
    for sell/rent unused or no longer wanted books to others
    who might be seeking those books and get some cash in return.

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    Give and take benefits
    while using BookThatBook
    • Each user can be a seller and a buyer at the same time.
      Get your interesting book and offer to others books they seek.

User guide

Search for a school book offered by other students from the “school” menu. Decide in which class and the subject of the book.

Search for a general book in the “general” menu. Fill in some information about the book such as: title, author’s name or topics mentioned in the books. The more fields you fill, the more accurate the results will be.

The result of the search is grouped by sellers offering the same searched book. So each list has one seller offering the book. Have a look at the details of each list to choose the suitable one. This option is interesting if a student is seeking for instance next semester books or if a K-12 Student is looking for books for next year.

Student users can add any book for selling in the “school” menu filling the relevant fields.

General users can offer in the same way any book for selling from the “general” menu. Filling some fields and attaching sample pages in order to show the state of the book.

Each user can control and manage the books offered for selling and the requested books, or edit the list of the “offer buyer” and “offer seller” at any time.

The Buyer tab on “order” on the selected book from the list of sellers.

The seller can see that a buyer requested a book, he/she can tap on “accept” to confirm the selling process.

The user can edit the profile information at any time.

An innovative virtual book marketplace

Looking for a special interesting book and wasting time searching in tens of bookstores in the neighborhood in hope of finding it but all efforts go in vain?

Need to acquire a specific sort of knowledge but cannot afford the fees or maybe don’t have enough time to join a course?

Having a pile of books thrown on the shelves and not even have enough time to read one of them?

Have a bookshop but haven’t acquired a wide reputation among many of books lovers yet, and consequently your profits still down?

BookThatBook comes to absorbs all these problems and offers solutions for all book-related needs in one simple and convenient app.

  • Each user can offer any book through the app to other users at a reasonable price. Earning some cash while offering interesting books to other users.
  • No more wasting time searching in bookstores since unlimited books will be offered via BookThatBook, allowing you to find your favorite book in a few seconds.
  • Students can give hand to each other since every student can offer secondhand books to newbie students at a reasonable price while earning some cash.
  • Users can offer books thrown on the shelves to others that might find them interesting, and replace sold books with another collection by searching different books match their interests.
  • Search a book and get it from the nearest seller since the sellers’ locations will appear in the search results on the map.
  • Bookstores’ owners can offer wide selection of books through the app system, which leads to drawing attention to more books lovers and yield extra profits.

Unlimited books brought to your fingertips

It’s the ultimate solution for finding a specific book without even stepping out of your house or office in a few clicks.

No more wasting time and effort when searching for a rare book that you have passion about because BookThatBook will do the boring search and link you with users offering the searched book for selling or renting.

BookThatBook gives special hand for students under the 12th class

BookThatBook presents a special beneficial solution for each and every student between 1st class and 12th class. Whether the student needs to sell secondhand books or buy old used books then BookThatBook is the perfect solution for both situations.
For students in schools the search is easier once they select the type as “school”. They need then only to mention the subject they have and the year they are in and the search will be narrowed only to those two criteria.

BookThatBook bridges the gap between newbie and graduated students

The books you bought through your education years in school and university are no longer thrown away. BookThatBook allows you to earn some cash by offering them at a reasonable price to newbie or other students in need of your books.
An absolute mutual benefits can take place between millions of students this way, since it saves money for newbie students and yields some cash for older students.
We have considered that students might need books for further study in the future, so BookThatBook has a special feature allows the customer to offer books for renting for a specific period of time.

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